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Extension of the deadline for the submission of the research paper to Special Issue IJHE “ABBS-2017 (Lin)”

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Dear Participants of 12th ABBS,


We are delighted to let you know that the submission of the dealine for the submission of the research paper to Special Issue  IJHE “ABBS-2017 (Lin)” has been extended to February 28, 2018.


Please follow the following information carefully


 EES access

§  The submission site for this journal is located here:



Special issue article ty

§  Submitting authors must choose the following article type so the paper is properly categorized for the special issue:

SI: ABBS-2017 (Lin)



§  Final deadline for submission is extended to: 28 February 2018


1. A manuscript might be rejected immediately if it is not up to the journal standards.

2. Any manuscript to be published in IJHE should be hydrogen-related.


In case you have any question in regard to this matter, please contact : alissara@kku.ac.th